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Police have the most powers and they can use these powers in most public places.


PSOs are not police but they have many of the same powers as police at train stations and nearby areas like bus stops, taxi ranks and car parks.

Ticket Inspectors

Ticket Inspectors, also called Authorised Officers, have special powers if they’re on a bus, train or tram or at a public transport stop or station.

Security Guards

Security guards (or bouncers) are privately employed citizens - they might have a uniform or badge, but the law doesn’t give them any special powers.

What to Do

In the Moment

Here are some really practical tips on how to handle yourself when you’re dealing with authorities.

After an Incident

If you find yourself in trouble or want to take action after something has happened, these tips will help.

Get Help

If you’re under 25, here’s some quick and easy ways to get free legal help from Youthlaw in Victoria.